Watchdog Home Monitor

Water, Temperature, and Humidity sensor

with remote smartphone notifications


Remotely monitor your home for water leaks, temperature, humidity, and power outages

Water Leaks



Power Outage

You aren’t home every minute. Perhaps you snowbird for months at a time, visit family for weeks, or go across town for hours. Even just being on another floor in your home can keep you from noticing the danger signs.

Water leaks, condensation, freezing temps, frozen pipes, and flooding cause serious indoor damage to your home.

Feel confident knowing the Watchdog Home Monitor sensor continuously monitors and detects water leaks (flood), temperatures (both too hot and too cold), humidity issues (too high or too low), and power outages in your home.

Receive alerts anywhere by text, email, or alarm

Text Message



Home or away, connecting the Watchdog Home Monitor to your home WiFi network means you can receive notifications anywhere. Select any combination of text message, email, and audible alarm to be alerted to different problems like flooding, freezing, high humidity, or no electricity. Alerts can be customized based on the type of problem, too! Choose the type of alert you want for indoor water leak detection, freezing and too hot temperatures, plus humidity levels, anywhere. The system guides you through the step-by-step setup for easy DIY installation.

Place a Watchdog Home Monitor sensor indoors near your sump pump, water heater, washing machine, and sinks.

Place the water sensor end near potential leaks or floods...

  • Sump Pump
  • Drains & Sinks
  • Water Heater
  • Washing Machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Leaky Windows & Doors
  • A/C Condensate Pump

It keeps you up to date by detecting water leaks, temperature, flooding, and humidity soon enough to do something before damage occurs. This remote water sensor and thermometer measures water leaks, temperature and humidity continuously.

Includes double-sided tape and magnet
No app, no hub, no batteries...
So easy to use
No app, hub, batteries, or subscription required

Just plug it in and the Watchdog alerts you with an audible alarm when it detects water or near-freezing temperatures.

Just plug it in and get started!

Setup's a snap using a WiFi capable device, like your smartphone.

View setup guide

Connect to the Watchdog with any WiFi-capable device, like your smartphone, and complete the easy-to-follow setup.

You just need an email or phone number to receive alerts anywhere, anytime.

Watch the setup video »

You just need an email or phone number to receive alerts anywhere, anytime.

Check on your home from anywhere

See the real-time status of your home anytime, anywhere on the Watchdog website.

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How long does it take to receive the notification after the Watchdog Home Monitor detects a water leak or other problem at my home?

The alerts are generated in real-time and are sent to your phone or email immediately. If you have enabled the audible alarm to alert you, you will hear the alarm if you are in range. In addition, you have online access to readings when you login to the Watchdog website.

How long does it take to set up the sensor?

The Watchdog works immediately to alert you to water and freezing temps with an audible alarm. It only takes a few minutes to connect the unit to your WiFi network, allowing you to remotely monitor water, temperature, and humidity and receive text and email alerts. Watch the setup video

Do I have to be at home to hear the alarm?

If you have set the audible alarm as the only alert, yes, you will need to be home or within earshot. That’s why the notifications can also be sent by text message and email. So you can be notified immediately even when you're not at home.

What if the WiFi goes out? Does the sensor still work?

The device will still work and you can still be alerted with the audible alarm, but text and email alerts will not work. If the WiFi has been unavailable for 15 minutes, you will be notified by text and email that your device has not been uploading temperature and humidity readings.

If your device doesn't upload a reading for 15 minutes, you will be notified by text or email. This can happen when your WiFi network is unavailable, the power goes out, or the device becomes unplugged.

If your home WiFi network is temporarily unavailable for any reason, you will be notified by text message or email that your device has not contacted the integrated 100+ decibal alarm goes off. Press the MUTE button to silence the alarm when you find the issue.

What do I need besides the Watchdog Home Monitor itself?

There is no app to download, no hub, no batteries, and no subscription required. Your device works out-of-the-box as a water sensor and freeze sensor with audible alarm. For text and email alerts, as well as online access, the device requires a WiFi network (2.4 Ghz) with internet access. A device like a smartphone or laptop is needed to connect to the Watchdog for a one-time setupone-time setup.

How far can the water sensor reach from where it's plugged in?

The total length of the device is 5ft (~150cm).

How can I monitor several Watchdog Home Monitors at the same time?

You can login to this website using your email and see all the units you are monitoring at any time, even when you have not received an alert. You can add the location of each device (Utility Room, Laundry Room) to more easily monitor several devices.

How do I know which Watchdog Home Monitor set off the alert if I have more than one in my home?

When you setup the unit with your smartphone or laptop, you can name each monitor based on its location (or call it anything you want). Text message and email alerts will tell you which location has an issue. If you enabled the audible alarm, only the unit(s) recognizing an issue will go off.

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